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Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) is a revolutionary new injectable treatment, designed to rejuvenate and regenerate skin conditions related to ageing and scarring. PRP therapy uses the patient’s blood to harvest concentrated plasma, which is rich in platelets. When injected, these rich platelets release influential growth factors and natural stem cells that are specifically designed to stimulate regeneration and restructure of the skin tissue significantly. Growth factors and stem cells also increase cellular turnover and collagen production, which is the foundation of youthful, glowing and radiant skin. This treatment is very safe and uses your cells and can be implemented on any part of the body, including the eyelids and directly under the eyes. It is also especially useful in treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face, giving the most natural result possible.

The growth factors that are released after PRP injections are responsible for the:

  • Stimulation of collagen formation increasing skin density

  • Forming of new blood vessels

  • Reorganising of cells and skin tissue

  • Improved skin tone, colour and texture

  • Smoothed lines and a softened appearance of wrinkles.

  • Increased hydration, helping to keep skin soft, healthy and vibrant.

  • Improve the appearance of ageing related skin damage, including wrinkles, scarring and fine lines.

  • Hair growth

Preparation begins seven days from the procedure with specific dietary changes, reducing intake of blood thinning supplements/alcohol and proper fluid intake.

The treatment process of Platelet Rich Plasma is a safe and comfortable treatment. Before the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the skin to minimise discomfort. Next, a small amount of blood is drawn from the arm, similar to having a blood test. The drawn blood is placed into a sterile and specifically designed vial, which is inserted into a specialised centrifuge that prepares the blood for PRP therapy. 

A patented separator gel within the tube isolates the platelets and plasma from red blood cells. The richest platelet part of the now separated plasma (PRP) is then safely re-injected into the skin. 

For extra efficiency, the platelets are further infused into the skin with skin needling which immediately activates growth factors and stems cells, triggering rejuvenation that will result in renewed, youthful and vibrant skin. While 3-4 treatments are generally recommended to obtain optimal results, visible improvements can be seen after 4-6 weeks post first treatment. 

Side Effects:  Some bruising, redness and swelling – especially if treatment is performed around the eyes, are typical side effects.

Unsuitable Candidates: while PRP is generally safe for most individuals it is contraindicated in people taking blood-thinning medications such as Warfarin, Currently infected with Hepatitis B & C or HIV viruses. It is important to remember that the healthier you are, the better outcome you will have – we can only put back what we take out. Therefore poor diet, smoking, drug and alcohol use can reduce the efficacy of treatments.

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Aftercare Instructions

Post Treatment Instructions:

  • Do not touch your face for at least 4 hours to allow the injection sites to heal.

  • Wash your hands before touching injected areas to avoid introducing external infection.

  • Do not wear make up for 24 hours after.

  • Do not put ice the area or have hot showers (platelets do not like extremes of temperatures).

  • Sleep with the treated area elevated. Propping up multiple pillows works well for this.

  • You must wear sunscreen for at least one-month post treatment.

  • Keep the area free of oil-based products, heavy cosmetics and thick moisturisers for at least two days post-treatment.

  • The treated area will feel tender most commonly for up to one-week post-treatment, however, this can last up to two weeks.

  • Bruising is an expected side effect of this treatment but may be reduced by the use of Arnica tablets and Bromelin extract, along with massaging Hirudoid cream into the area.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight, as well as rigorous exercise, saunas, hot baths and excessive amounts of alcohol, as these will exacerbate swelling and increase the possibility of bruising.

  • Use gentle pH neutral skincare for 48 to 72 hours following treatment.

  • Do not undergo any other facial treatments for at least two weeks following your PRP treatment.

  • The body takes time to respond to the influx of growth factors from your treatment, as regeneration of skin cells happens very gradually over time. The benefits of PRP treatment can be significantly enhanced by adopting a good skincare regimen and responsible sun protection habits, such as using an SPF 30+ moisturiser daily to protect skin from the harsh Australian sun.

What skin conditions can be treated with PRP injections?

A Medical Facial can treat a vast number of skin conditions, including the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Uneven or dull skin tone

  • Dehydrated and dry skin

  • Fine, thin crepe skin around the eyes

  • Fine, thin crepe skin on the neck and back of hands

  • Mild scarring

  • Scar improvement

  • Acne scarring

  • Improving skin elasticity

  • Stretch marks

  • Surgical/trauma Scars

Which areas may be treated?

The full face, neck, décolletage and hands can be treated. Medical Facials are especially well-suited for treatment of the crepe skin around the eyes and eyelids.

Other body areas that can be treated include the knees, elbows, upper arms and post-baby tummy, all of which can be efficiently and easily improved, giving visible results.

How many treatments are required?

A minimum of three Medical Facials treatments are usually recommended, to be performed at 4-6 weekly intervals. Some people may need up to six treatments, and ongoing maintenance treatment may be completed every six to twelve months.

How long do results last?

A Medical Facial therapy provides natural and long lasting results. Each treatment delivers an accumulative effect, with visible changes evident within two to three months. The healing and regenerative effect continue for over twelve months after just one treatment.

Does it hurt?
Some clients may experience mild discomfort while receiving Medical Facial, which is why an anaesthetic may be applied to the area being treated to ensure greater comfort.
How long does the treatment take?

A platelet-rich plasma treatment will take between 60-90 minutes, which includes adequate numbing, skin prep and collection and spinning and separation of the blood in the centrifuge.

Is it Safe?

Treatment with a Medical Facial uses your blood.  Because of this, the risk of allergy or cellular rejection is eliminated, making Medical Facials one of the safest and most tolerable procedures currently available. We’ll apply anaesthetic when necessary and perform the treatment slowly and gently, minimising pain and discomfort.

Is it suitable for everyone?

While a Medical Facial can be performed safely and effectively on the majority of patients, there may be some for whom it is not best-suited. We will establish your suitability for the procedure in a free initial consultation, in which we’ll determine if it’s the best treatment for your specific skin concerns.

Pre Treatment Instructions
  • It’s best to be well-hydrated 48 hours leading up to the procedure, so drink plenty of fluids. Water is strongly recommended.

  • Reduce your fat intake for one to two weeks before the treatment.

  • Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake.

  • Stop all omegas, green teas and other supplements that increase bruising for 2-3 weeks before platelet-rich plasma treatment- fish oils, garlic, ginseng.

  • As the treatment involves causing some degree of trauma to the skin, avoid other facial treatments that sensitise the skin one week before treatment.

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